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The Rift Valley
Abyatta – Shalla/ Langano/Wondo Genet

The Great Rift Valley that stretches all the way from the red Sea to Mozambique bisects Ethiopia in to two. This geographical feature is best expressed in the chains of lakes, hot springs, flora as well as a huge variety of birds and wildlife.

One of the earth's hottest and with many points at little more than 100 metres below sea level, is also located in this geographical area. It is called the Dallol Depression. With noon-time temperatures of up to 50º c, Dallol is a site to observe an active volcano at Ertale.


Abyata-Shala Lakes National Park

Abyata-Shala Lakes National Park is formed by the twin lakes of Abyata and Shala. It has a total area of 887 square kilometers (550 square miles) in size, of which 482 square kilometer (300 square miles) is water. Both lakes are terminal lakes but very different in nature. The park was created for the many aquatic bird species that use the lakes, particularly Great White Pelicans and Greater and Lesser Flamingos. The surrounding area is mainly acacia woodland, some of which is very degraded by man.
Lake Abyata is a shallow pan, only 14 meters (46 feet) deep and its level fluctuates periodically. The lake provides the main source of food for the colonies of great while pelicans on the nearby Lake Shala.
Lake Shala by contrast, is, at 260 meters (853 feet), Ethiopia’s deepest rift valley lake.  Shalla’s islands are used as breeding sites by many birds, and are home to the continent’s most important breeding colony of Great White Pelicans.
Wondo Genet

Wondo Genet is located 267Kms South of Addis Ababa.  Wondo Genet is a hot springs resort with the remains of the original Ethiopian forest. Papaya, mango, bananas are found beside the Hotel. We can take a short walk in the afternoon or just relax in the natural hot spring swimming pool. 

Tour Code: MTTA -11
Duration: two days
Langano, Awasa, and Abyata Rift Valley Lake
 Day   1.  Addis/Langano/Awasa
         2.   Awasa/Abyata/Addis

Tour Code: MTTA-13
Duration: 3days
Langano , Awasa and Wondo genet
Day 1 Addis/Langano
      2 Langano/Awasa/Wendogenet
      3 Wendogenet/Addis

Tour Code: MTTA-14 
Duration: 5 days
Rift Valley Lakes, Arbaminch
Day  1.  Addis/Awasa
       2.  Awasa/Wendogenet/Arbaminch
       3.  Arbaminch
       4.  Arbaminch
       5.  Arbaminch/Langano/Addis